Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Publishing Deal - Jessica Warman

From yesterday's Booktrade:

Egmont Press is delighted to announce the acquisition of Pretty Deadly, a truly thrilling murder mystery story by American author, Jessica Warman.

The novel, described as a meeting of The Lovely Bones and Lynda La Plante, will be published in trade paperback in October 2011 for a young adult market.

It tells the gripping story of young, beautiful Elizabeth Vachar, a teenage girl who dies under mysterious circumstances in small town America.

Her clique of popular 'good kids' are in shock as they wake to find their friend dead, facedown, in the murky water of the docks. But Liz hasn't gone anywhere. She's still around to witness the aftermath of her death. And it soon becomes clear that there's far more to her family and so-called friends than met the eye when she was alive . . .

Read the whole article here.

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