Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't Cry - Cover Theme

I'm really looking forward to Hear the Dead Cry by Charlie Price which is out in a few days:

The cemetery I know best is Forest Grove. I spend most of my time there. That's where most of my friends are ...The ones my age and the children, they almost all need someone to talk to. They weren't ready. They'll tell you that. Murray doesn't have many friends at school. A quiet loner with a troubled family life, he spends all his time down at Forest Grove cemetery, speaking to the dead and listening to their stories. When he hears a terrified new voice pleading for help, Murray is convinced it is Nikki, a popular young cheerleader who went missing over a month ago - but who will believe him? And where is the body? Together with Pearl, the daughter of the cemetery groundskeeper, Murray must struggle to uncover the truth in a town full of secrets.

The cover does bear a certain similarity to Captivate by Carrie Jones:


  1. I noticed that too! I prefer the UK cover of Hear the Dead Cry to the US one when it was published as Dead Connection.

  2. They are very similar, but Hear the Dead Cry seems to have a bit more of a darker feel to it.

  3. Thanks for the extra info Jenny, yes I prefer this cover too. It tells you a bit more about the story.