Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review: Airhead by Meg Cabot

Airhead by Meg Cabot (June 2009, Macmillan Children's Books, ISBN: 0330453823)

First Lines:
"Emerson Watts," called my first-period Public Speaking teacher, Mr Greer, startling me from the light doze into which I'd drifted.

Well, whatever. Do they really expect us to be alert at eight fifteen in the morning? Come on.*

Review: Airhead is the first in the Airhead trilogy. Book two, Being Nikki is now available in the US (September in the UK) and book three Runaway will be out in May 2010 (US).

Em Watts is a straight-A student who couldn't care less about fashion and whose best (and only) friend is Christopher and they hang out together playing a computer game, Journeyquest. Nikki Howard is the world's most famous teenage model and the face of Stark Enterprises.

Nikki and Em's worlds collide when they both attend the grand opening of a Stark megastore in Manhattan where a bizarre accident leaves Em living Nikki's life. Though Em is less than pleased about it. Can Em cope with Nikki's busy career demands, the numerous boyfriends and worst of all not being able to be friends with Christopher whom she now realises is "the one"?

I loved Meg Cabot's 1-800-Missing series so it's no surprise that I enjoyed Airhead. Airhead has a dash of fantasy/science-fiction, plenty of romance and humour and the beginnings of a mystery plot. There are some serious issues touched on, such as where does your identity lie?, but in the main it's a 'fish out of water' romp. Em is likeable as are most of her new friends, Lulu and Brandon who are FFBFs (Famous For Being Famous) and there are some peeks at the demanding life of a model.

paves the way for the next two books and I can't wait to read Being Nikki.

Cover: Fun cover, showing this is a quite light-hearted book. I quite like the fact that there isn't a model on the front, unlike the US cover, as this doesn't give a preconceived idea as to what Nikki looks like.

*Read a longer extract at Meg Cabot's website.

Meg Cabot also has a separate UK website.


  1. The First book was good but it wasn't OMG this is amazing i mean not much happened that you didn't know would.
    The Second book was much better and there where some really interesting twists and the ending was really good and now i can't wait for the third book

  2. i love the airhead trilogy and im waiting for runaway now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really like the covers as they don't show a picture of a model like the usa ones so girls don't feel as if they need to be anorexic.
    they are also pretty.

  3. I loved Airhead and i am looking for being Nikki everywhere yet i cant seem to find it, i am completely HOOKED on this book series I just LOVE it SO much!!!

  4. I LOVE the airhead series and i am looking everywhere for Being Nikki and i hope to find it soon...fingers crossed... But i just LOVED airhead and i cant wait for runaway, i'm just so HOOKED on the book series...its awesome!!!


  5. i ABSOLOUTLY LUVVVVV the airhead series. im waiting for the third book, it isnt the one w/ a photo bu the other one like the imiage above. do u no how the book cover's all look the same, well in the 3rd book i found out today is purple and is completly diff, or the one i saw was anyways. imma MASSIVE FAN of the series and cant wait to get the 3rd book.

  6. it was really good i am hook in :)

  7. loved it!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Can anyone tell me where I can find being Nikki?