Friday, July 23, 2010

Publishing Deal - Kit Berry

A press release on Booktrade announces a publishing deal for self-published author Kit Berry:

Gollancz, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of The Orion Publishing Group, is delighted to announce that the highly successful self-published author Kit Berry, and her acclaimed STONEWYLDE series, will be joining the Gollancz YA list in 2011.

Hidden away in the heart of Dorset, STONEWYLDE is a self-sufficient, closed community, in tune with the natural world and resources around them. It's an idyll, an Eden of ancient woodlands, standing stones, and traditional rural crafts and traditions, and it's protected and ruled over by the Magus of Stonewylde, a powerful, charismatic, handsome man dedicated to his people. For Sylvie, a young girl dying in hospital, Stonewylde could be more than a paradise: it could save her life . . . but for all the harmony of this world, there is something dark lurking at its heart. The magic of Stonewylde could save her . . . but at what price?

The first four Stonewylde novels, MAGUS OF STONEWYLDE, MOONDANCE OF STONEWYLDE, SOLSTICE AT STONEWYLDE and SHADOWS AT STONEWYLDE will be available from Gollancz in 2011.

Read the whole article here.

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