Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Publishing Deal - L A Weatherly

Yet more paranormal young adult fiction. Today's Bookseller has another deal which mentions Twilight/Meyer though L A Weatherly's series is about the "new vampires" - angels:

Usborne is entering the young adult market for the first time with a dark romantic fantasy by author L A Weatherly. Angel Heat, the first book in a planned trilogy will be published in October 2010 with the second book publishing in spring 2011, and the third in autumn 2011.

In the Angels trilogy angels are poisonous to people and feed off human energy. The books follow Alex, an angel killer, and Willow a half angel, with whom he falls in love.

Fiction director Megan Larkin [] said: "Angel Heat has obvious appeal to Stephenie Meyer fans, but even without vampire hysteria, we just loved this book. It's a classic love story with a cool contemporary setting."


  1. Hi, I found your blog via my friend Liz (at My Favourite Books).

    Loving the UK angle over here - I've added you to my Google Reader. :)


  2. We share the same initials as well as first name! Welcome to my humble blog and many thanks for commenting and google reading.

  3. wow, thats a twisted book can anyone really tell me what its about cuz its hard to get my head around it