Friday, November 20, 2009

Publishing Deal - Kathy Reichs

You might think this belongs on my crime blog but no, it seems that Kathy Reichs is to write a teenage series starring the great-nephew of her lead character from her forensic crime series. From The Bookseller:

[Cornerstone] has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to three books in the Viral series.

Described as “young adult forensic thrillers with a touch of fantasy”, the Viral books will feature Tory Brennan, the 14-year-old great-nephew of Reichs’ adult series character, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan.

Tory is one of five teenagers living on an isolated island who, after a veterinary experiment goes wrong, are left with heightened powers of smell, sight and hearing, increased memory, and improved strength and speed. These powers are triggered by strong emotions and cannot be called upon at will.

The first title in the series will be published by Young Arrow in August 2010.


  1. OMG! You just made my day! Now, to find out if Reichs' regular publisher here in Canada is going to be publishing these!

  2. It sounds like a cross between that James Patterson series, originally a stand-alone "adult" novel then a sequel, now a teen series; and The Island of Dr Moreau by H G Wells!

  3. Hmmm - should be interesting. Will have to keep an eye out for the reviews when it is due out

  4. It's Tempe's great NIECE, not nephew.