Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lauren Laverne - Publishing Deal

In today's BookTrade, news of a teenage trilogy from Lauren Laverne:

Award winning TV presenter and DJ Lauren Laverne is set to write a series of teenage novels with HarperCollins in a deal announced today.

Lauren Laverne has created an uber-cool rock chick lit series for teens featuring a fifteen year old girl who is on a mission to escape her boring and ordinary life and make it big in a rock band. And on the way to stardom she is determined to track down her unknown father – BioDad - who will most definitely be supercool - and it looks like he might also be incredibly famous too! With the unexpected help of her FairyGodbrother, this feisty chick sets off on a quirky and magical adventure that takes her all the way to Glastonbury where it looks like this girl is really going to make it...

Read the whole press release here.

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