Monday, September 26, 2011

Vampire Knits Anyone?

I'm away from home at the moment and have been looking through my mum's knitting magazines. One of which recently featured Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller (which has been out a year I now realise). Here's the blurb:

From Twilight mania to Vampire Diaries, never have the undead been so adored. Vampire Knits is the first collection of knitting projects for dreamy, mysterious vampires and the fans who love them. These appealing and easy-to-knit projects range from cool sweaters to cosy pulse protectors, a fang sweater to blood bottle cozies. Gloves inspired by Twilight's Bella Swann, blood red jewellery and a beautiful diary cover are just a few of the timeless items crafty vampire fans have been clamouring for. The projects are fun to make and evoke the spirit of beloved undead characters. The book includes sections with names such as Protect Me!, Just Bitten, Vampire Style and Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf. Affordable, fun and well-designed, this book is an easy purchase.

You can read more about some of the projects and their designers at the Vampire Knits blog.

Plus, see the contents list and the pattern for the Tourniquet Scarf at Scribd,

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