Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog Tour: Jeyn Roberts Guest Post

I'm very pleased to welcome Jeyn Roberts, author of the newly released Dark Inside, to Teenage Fiction For All Ages where she is guest posting about Teenage/YA thrillers she's enjoyed reading. Firstly, here are details of her book and the trailer:

Moments after several huge earthquakes shake every continent on Earth, something strange starts happening to some people. Michael can only watch in horror as an incidence of road rage so extreme it ends in two deaths unfolds before his eyes; Clementine finds herself being hunted through the small town she has lived in all her life, by people she has known all her life; and Mason is attacked with a baseball bat by a random stranger. An inner rage has been released and some people cannot fight it. For those who can, life becomes an ongoing battle to survive - at any cost! Since mankind began, civilizations have always fallen - now it's our turn!


You can follow Jeyn on Twitter, @JeynRoberts, and her website is here and you can read an extract from Dark Inside at My Kinda Book.

And now over to Jeyn:

Hi everyone! I’m Jeyn Roberts and I’m the author of Dark Inside.

I love horror stories. Love them, love them, love them! I’ve always been crazy about them. When I was younger I used to watch with a pillow in my arms so I could cover my eyes when the scary parts came. They gave me nightmares as a child and as a teenager it became a little easier to fall asleep at night. That’s when I started reading everything I could find in the horror section of the library and book store.

So I’ve been asked to talk about some of the books I loved reading as a teen and some of the books I’ve enjoyed reading today. I must admit, when I was a teen, there wasn’t the amazing variety of YA books that are now on the shelves. I spent a good part of my teen years reading Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Poppy Z Brite. What can I say? I really loved the horror. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and It horrified and thrilled me beyond belief. The Teen books I loved and read to death were anything by Christopher Pike, The Band by Carmen Adams, and if you can ever find it, I highly recommend The Stranger by Caroline B Cooney.

Lately there’s been a great surge in thriller YA novels and I swear, my book shelf is starting to sag in the middle. I just finished reading Blood Red Road by Moira Young and I was completely blown away by it. I also loved Across the Universe by Beth Revis, and I’m currently reading the Demon Trapper series by Jana Oliver. Speaking of series, I really enjoyed Gone, Vampire Academy and I can’t wait to pick up Charlie Higson’s new book.

With thanks to Jeyn Roberts and Macmillan Children's Books.

The next stop on the tour is So Little Time For Books.

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