Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Audio Books of Storm Runners & The Cay

Like last year, Sync are offering two free audio books per week over the summer. You only get a week to download them but then they can be played at any time afterwards. Here's the final two:

(Available to download August 11 - August 17)

By Roland Smith
Read by Ramón de Ocampo, Bronson Pinchot,
Hillary Huber, John Morgan, Samantha Quan
Published by Scholastic Audiobooks

By Theodore Taylor
Read by Michael Boatman
Published by Listening Library

There don't appear to be any geographical restrictions on Storm Runners, I haven't yet tried The Cay. You have to download a small piece of software (Overdrive) before being allowed to download the mp3 files.

Download the books from here.

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  1. The Cay is only for US and Canada. It excludes the UK and Commonwealth anyway.