Thursday, July 28, 2011

Publishing Deal - Louisa Reid

A two-book publishing deal has been announced for Louisa Reid:

Amanda Punter Publisher for Razorbill and Mari Evans Fiction Publisher for Michael Joseph have acquired world rights, including digital, for two titles by debut UK author Louisa Reid. The first book Black Heart Blue is a chilling teen debut to be published 10th May 2012 in paperback, in two separate editions.

Black Heart Blue is the tragic story of twin sisters - one beautiful, one heartbreakingly disfigured - and their terrifying struggle to escape their abusive parents. Poignant, memorable and unbelievably gripping, Black Heart Blue marks the arrival of an extraordinary new voice in YA and crossover fiction.

Louisa Reid said: 'My inspiration for Black Heart Blue came, in part, from a documentary about a young man with Treacher Collins Syndrome, Jono Lancaster. His incredible spirit in the face of what for most of us would be insurmountable challenges, stayed with me for a long time and manifested itself in the character of Rebecca. The novel's plot arrived in one fell swoop whilst I was waiting in a cafe before a school trip to see R C Sherriff's Journey's End; I still have the outline written next to a most mundane shopping list. After that, the story demanded to be written and the twin voices grew and developed as the characters revealed themselves and their lives to me. I hope the audience of Black Heart Blue will enjoy reading my novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.'

Read the whole press release here.


  1. Sounds like compulsive reading. Can't wait until it's out!

  2. i work in waterstones, and read the proof copy that was sent my way. i can honestly say i'll be reccomending this book to all my customers when it comes out in the shop! it literally brought tears to my eyes. a brilliant read that demands attention and opens the readers eyes to what may go on behind closed doors.

  3. This is my English teachers book! She's so lovely and I think it will be brilliant. I can't wait to read it!