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Published in May (2012)

Here are some of the teenage/YA titles that are being published in the UK in May 2012. I will put a link to this post and previous and subsequent "monthly" lists in my sidebar. January's list is here, February's is here, March's is here and April's is here.

I have tried to identify all the British authors which I hope will be useful to those doing Kirsty's British Books Challenge at The Overflowing Library (please let me know of any errors or omissions).

This is still a work-in-progress so I'll continue to update it during the month.
Em Bailey - Shift (7th, Electric Monkey, pb)
Leigh Bardugo - The Gathering Dark (17th, Indigo, pb)
Jenna Burtenshaw - Wintercraft: Legacy (10th, Headline, pb)
Rachel Caine - Black Dawn (1st, Allison & Busby, pb)
Anne Cassidy - Dead Time: The Murder Notebooks (10th, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, pb) British Author
Laura Jane Cassidy - Eighteen Kisses (3rd, Puffin, pb)
Cassandra Clare - Clockwork Prince (3rd, Walker, pb)
Cassandra Clare - Mortal Instruments 5: City of Lost Souls (8th, Walker, pb)
Susane Colasanti - When It Happens (3rd, Scholastic, pb)
Shelley Coriell - Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe (1st, Amulet, HB)
H L Dennis - The Power of Three (3rd, Hodder Children's Books, pb)
Kristina Dunker - Vertigo (15th, AmazonCrossing, pb)
Gayle Forman - Where She Went (3rd, Definitions, pb)
Tessa Gratton - Blood Magic (3rd, Corgi Childrens, pb)
Caroline Green - Cracks (1st, Piccadilly, pb) British Author
Julia Green - Bringing the Summer (10th, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, pb) British Author
Philippa Gregory - Changeling (24th, Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, HB) British Author
Michael & Rachel Grinti - Claws (24th, Chicken House, pb)
Gemma Halliday - Social Suicide (10th, HarperTeen, pb)
Kate Harrison - Soul Beach (3rd, Indigo, pb) British Author
Kim Harrison - Something Deadly This Way Comes (22nd, HarperCollins, pb)
Lisi Harrison - Back and Deader Than Ever: Monster High (8th, ATOM, pb)
Maya Healy - Under the Cherry Blossom (3rd, OUP Press, pb)
Maya Healy - Shadows Across the Sun (3rd, OUP Press, pb)
Wendy Higgins - Sweet Evil (20th, Harper Teen, pb)
Carrie Jones - Endure (10th, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, pb)
Mike Lancaster - 1.4 (7th, Egmont Books Ltd, pb) British Author
Gill Lewis - White Dolphin (3rd, OUP Press, pb)
Hayley Long - What's Up With Jody Barton (24th, Macmillan Children's Books, pb) British Author
Megan McCafferty - Thumped (3rd, Corgi Childrens, pb)
Abby McDonald - The Anti-Prom (3rd, Walker, pb)
Maureen McQuerry - The Peculiars (1st, Amulet, HB)
Eden Maguire - Broken Dream (3rd, Hodder Children's Books, pb) British Author
Diane Messidoro - How to Keep a Boy as a Pet (7th, Electric Monkey, pb) British Author
Alice Moss - Fool's Silver (3rd, Bantam Children, pb)
Chloe Neill - Hexbound (3rd, Indigo, pb)
Linda Newberry - The Treasure House (3rd, Orion Childrens, pb) British Author
Garth Nix - A Confusion of Princes (17th, HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks, pb)
Alison Noel - Fated (24th, Macmillan Children's Books, pb)
Peader O'Guilin - The Deserter (3rd, David Fickling Books, pb)
William Osborne - Hitler's Angel (3rd, Chicken House, pb) British Author
Panama Oxridge - Thyme Running Out (1st, Inside Pocket, pb)
Jackson Pearce - Sweetly (3rd, Hodder Children's Books, pb)
Amy Plum - Until I Die (2nd, ATOM, pb)
Louisa Reid - Black Heart Blue (10th, Penguin, pb)
British Author Jeyn Roberts - Dark Inside (24th, Macmillan Children's Books, pb)
Veronica Roth - Insurgent (1st, HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks, pb)
Dyan Sheldon - One or Two Things I Learned About Love (3rd, Walker, pb)
Michael Scott - The Enchantress (24th, Doubleday Childrens, pb)
Marcus Sedgwick - Midwinter Blood (3rd, Indigo, pb) British Author
Holly Goldberg Sloan - I'll Be There (1st, Piccadilly, pb)
Jennifer E Smith - The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (24th, Headline, pb)
Thomas Taylor - Haunters (24th, Chicken House, pb) British Author
Ann Turnbull - No Shame, No Fear (3rd, Walker, pb)
Yvonne Woon - Life Eternal (1st, Usborne, pb)

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