Monday, September 21, 2009

Publishing Deal - Rebecca James

Confirmation of the UK publication of Rebecca James's Beautiful Malice comes in today's Bookseller:

Julia Wells acquired British Commonwealth, excluding Australia and New Zealand, to the debut and a follow up. The deal was struck via agent Jo Unwin, who pitched it as "a teenage Jodi Picoult crossed with [TV programme] 'Skins'".

Written by Rebecca James, a 30-something year-old Australian living in Armadale in New South Wales, Beautiful Malice was described by the agency as "a tense YA psychological thriller".

According to Rebecca James's blog, Beautiful Malice will be out in Australia (by Allen and Unwin) in May 2010 and the UK (by Faber) in February 2011.

UPDATE: Beautiful Malice will be out in the UK in July!


  1. This sounds great! It got me at the mention of Skins!

  2. The dates have changed and Beautiful Malice will be out in the UK next year in July.


  3. That's great news Rebecca. Many thanks for letting me know. I've updated the blog post.