Friday, September 4, 2009

The Medusa Project - news

The first part of Sophie McKenzie's The Medusa Project - The Set-Up is out now. Part two, The Hostage, is out in January. Originally conceived as a four parter, news comes of a fifth part, to be published as part of World Book Day in March. From Sophie McKenzie's website:

The Medusa Project was originally intended to be just four books - one story focusing on each of the main four characters and their particular psychic ability. But thanks to the lovely people who organise World Book Day, there’s now going to be a fifth story about the Medusa teens. The Thief will publish next March. It won’t be as long as the other books but, thanks to the way its set up, should be even more exciting!

It will follow on from The Hostage chronologically - though you won’t need to have read the other stories to understand what’s going on! The Thief will be narrated by all four main characters in turn: Nico, Ketty, Ed and Dylan, in that order and will involve diamond-theft, dramatic sand storm action and a terrible revelation…

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