Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trailer Thursday - Twilight, True Love and You

I mentioned a few months ago Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob by Louise Deacon which is now available (a bit early) on amazon, and I've just been told about a couple of related trailers. I particularly like the one of the author's daughter unwrapping her copy:

and here's the official trailer:

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Did you like the unboxing video for the content... or was it mainly the presence of the cat? (that's the bit my friends like best!)

    There's a huge community of teenage fiction fans on YouTube, for example I wanted to try and reach out to them in a more interesting way than doing the normal type of book trailer which aren't usually very interesting. I think most publishers are missing a trick with these online communities on YouTube, I am trying to persuade them to do more relevant and interesting advertising to teenagers. I hope that these videos will help me put together a case study to convince publishers that they should put more effort into talking to these kind of online influencers, instead of spending all their advertising budgets on posters on the London underground.

    We'll see how it goes!