Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding your own Twilight hero

Hmm, I'm surprised this book's not out already, ready for Christmas gift buying but it is scheduled for 4 April 2011 from Summersdale Publishers.

Stephenie Meyer's gripping supernatural romance saga has inspired millions of people worldwide with its tale of a young girl torn between two apparently perfect loves. Many fans are now on the hunt for their own real-life Edward or Jacob - but can such a love truly exist? Luckily for all the "Twilight" fans out there, psychologist Louise Deacon has uncovered seven secret steps towards true love. Inspired by the saga, these secrets reveal the relevance of Bella's experiences to your own love life, explain your feelings for Edward and Jacob and expose the perils of "Twilight"'s powerful, romantic messages. So for all you girls who adore vampires or werewolves, read on to learn how to find lasting love and loyalty with a human.


  1. Hi Karen, I'm Louise Deacon, thanks for putting my book on your blog. I would have liked it to have been ready for Xmas, but have only just finished it!
    What is it you like about the twilight saga? Is it the danger and excitement? You like crime fiction so maybe this is it? There are so many reasons that twilight has captured people's emotions.

  2. There is now a 'teaser' video about this book: