Saturday, October 24, 2009

Library Loot (19) and some gifts

Only the one out of the library this week but a friend has kindly donated a few of her daughter's finished with books:

(synopses from


Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters
When Phoebe's best friend Adam takes a bullet for her, it proves everyone right - Adam is in love with her. And now that he's come back to life, Phoebe's presence may be more important than ever. They say that a zombie can come back from death faster if they're loved...and kissed - which means Phoebe has to say goodbye to Tommy Williams, the other zombie in her life. While coaxing Adam back to reality and fending off Tommy's advances, Phoebe continues to carry on as if everything's normal. But normal has been different since American teenagers started rising from their graves. Although some try to bridge the gap between the living and the differently biotic, there are scores of people who want nothing more than to send all of the undead back to their graves. And the dead kids in Phoebe's school don't like that one bit...


Ringmaster by Julia Golding
Expats, espionage and the exotic setting of Nairobi - here's an adventure-thriller you won't be able to put down. Darcie Lock is inadvertently thrown into a world of SAS men, espionage, corruption, polo games and fashion parades when her father is taken hostage while investigating an international smuggling ring. Darcie didn't even know her father was a secret agent - she thought he had a dead-end job processing visa applications! Darcie is commissioned to find out what happened - she is the last person to be suspected of being a spy. Armed with her sharp wit and only a few gadgets, can Darcie save her father? Once again, Julia Golding will have you captivated from page one with this thrilling African adventure.

Empty Quarter by Julia Golding
Expats, espionage and exotic destinations. "Empty Quarter" is gripping - you won't be able to put it down. Darcie's stuck aboard a cruise ship for problem rich kids. It sounds exotic but it's more like boot camp. And, annoyingly the US President's daughter with her reputation for being out-of-control is there too.Things are about to get interesting though...Darcie becomes embroiled in a kidnapping plot that will take her from Naples, via Cyprus, to Egypt and on a terrifying journey through the desert empty quarter. It is an adventure-thriller starring Darcie Lock.

The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler
'This is not some true-crime tell-all. This is my actual journal, with everything I wrote at the time, edited by me. The revisions are minor; I only changed things when I felt that I wasn't really thinking something that I wrote at the time, and probably would have thought something else. After all, I was only eighteen then.' Meet Flannery Culp, a world-weary high school senior. She is primed to taken on the few remaining obstacles that stand between her and the rest of her life: the SAT, college applications, the autumn term...Mercifully, there are a couple of distractions: her friends: Kate (the Queen Bee), Natasha (less like a high school student and more like an actress playing a high school student on TV), Gabriel (the kindest boy in the world and in love with Flan), Lily, Douglas, V - (her name has been deleted to protect her prominent family), and Jennifer Rose - the Basic Eight; and Adam State, a well-groomed, polite young man and the object of Flan's affections. If only things hadn't gotten out of control. If only Flan had stayed away from the absinthe. Then she wouldn't be a topic on daytime talk shows, or on the cover of tabloids, or incarcerated, or have time to edit her journals...The supremely talented Daniel Handler has perfectly captured the absurdity of school life in this wickedly funny, dark-as-can-be novel.

Waking Dream by Rhiannon Lassiter
When Bethany's father dies she feels her life is over. Forced to spend the summer with her awful cousin Poppy, she escapes into her daydreams instead. Poppy is always the centre of attention. Pretty and popular, she uses black magic to keep it that way. But secretly she'd like to leave it all behind. When Rivalaun, a beautiful, strange boy, arrives out of nowhere to claim he's their cousin, all three start to doubt that what they've been told about themselves is true. Unable to resist the chance to find out who they are, they follow the truth that calls from their dreams. But, as sleep closes in, can they be sure they will wake again?

Sisters of the Sword: The Warrior's Path by Maya Snow
Kai Provence, Japan. 1216. Hana and Kimi are delighted when their heroic uncle, Hidehira, arrives at their palace, along with his dashing army of Samurai soldiers. He is their father's right hand man, a guardian and protector who helps him govern the land on behalf of the Shogun. So when Hidehira and his army slaughter their father and elder brothers, the girls are stunned. As the palace burns around them and servants are put to the sword, Hana and Kimi have to fight for their very survival. They manage to escape - just - but are separated from their mother and youngest brother. Now the whole country is searching for them - and anyone who helps them will be put to death. The girls must disguise themselves and find somewhere to hide out. And their solution is so daring - and so obvious - that it will either work brilliantly or end in their deaths. Betrayal, heroism and avenging their father's murder will hover at the edge of every thing the sisters do from now on...

Poison Study by Maria V Snyder
Choose: A quick death...or a slow poison...About to be executed for murder, Yelena is offered an extraordinary reprieve. She'll eat the best meals, have rooms in the palace - and risk assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of Ixia. And so Yelena chooses to become a food taster. But the chief of security, leaving nothing to chance, deliberately feeds her Butterfly's Dust - and only by appearing for her daily antidote will she delay an agonising death from the poison. As Yelena tries to escape her new dilemma, disasters keep mounting. Rebels plot to seize Ixia and Yelena develops magical powers she can't control. Her life is threatened again and choices must be made. But this time the outcomes aren't so clear...


  1. Looks like you've got some great books to look forward to there :-)

  2. Love the sound of The Basic Eight and Waking Dream

  3. They look very inviting in that photo! I also found a couple of others - one from you by John Harvey ("Nick" in the title) and another via recommendation from Declan Burke - "Skullduggery Pleasant" complete with orange edges to the pages! Let me know if you would like either or both - Skullduggery Pleasant is a female teen detective.

  4. Wow, I haven't heard of any of these! They all sound really intriguing. Mysterious, awesome. Enjoy!

  5. Many of this books I have not heard of except for Daniel Waters. I love his brand of Zombie goodness.

    Enjoy all your reads :)

  6. Awesome books. Kiss of Life is a really good book. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

  7. Lots of great books! Ringmaster is now on my list at Goodreads and I actually just got a copy of Poison Study for myself. Enjoy your books!

    What Book is That?

  8. "Poison Study" is so good -- make sure you have the sequels at hand...I had to run out to the bookstore/library immediately after I finished, ha!

    And I love the way that you lined up the books and took the picture on the windowsill. So lovely.

    Happy reading!