Monday, August 3, 2009

The Third Pig Detective Agency - extract and competition

A New Client

It was another slow day in the office. Actually, it had been a slow week in the office. No, if truth be known, it had been a lousy month for the Third Pig Detective Agency. That's me by the way: Harry Pigg, the Third Pig.

Where did the name come from? Well, I was the pig that built the house out of bricks while my idiot brothers took the easy route and went for cowboy builders and cheap materials. Let me tell you, wood and straw ain't much use when Mr Wolf comes calling. Those guys were pork-chops as soon as he drew in his first breath and filled those giant lungs of his. Blow your house down, indeed.

The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob Burke can be found shelved in both adult and teenage sections of all good bookshops but you can also try and win a copy via the competition being run this month on my other blog/website Euro Crime: here.

(There are two other competitions for Relics of the Dead by Ariana Franklin and Blood Law by Steven Hague).

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