Friday, December 16, 2011

Julia Golding's Ringmaster on Kindle

As a special Christmas treat, Julia Golding has made the first in the Darcie Lock series, Ringmaster, available on Kindle at the lowest price she can get from Amazon ie 86p/99c.

Blurb: In the heart of Africa trouble is brewing. A chain of events throw one young girl into a world of espionage and danger. One thing's for sure. Life will never be the same again for Darcie Lock. When her father mysteriously goes missing, Darcie sets off on the trail of his captors finding that her government-official father is actually a spy and that her shopaholic mother is also a spook. In a desperate attempt to get their best agents back and the invaluable information that they possess, the secret service have no option but to employ Darcie as their newest recruit. Thrown on a crash course of self-defence, survival skills and gadget training, Darcie must penetrate an international smuggling ring. But will she be able to save her father or will she wilt under the pressure as things hot up under the Kenyan sun? Expats, espionage and the exotic setting of Nairobi - Julia Golding will have you gripped in this rollercoaster ride of an action thriller.

My review is here.

I hadn't realised that the third in the series, Deadlock, is available on Kindle ahead of it's paperback release next March.

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