Sunday, November 4, 2012

Published in November 2012

Here are some of the teenage/YA titles that are being published in the UK in November 2012. I will put a link to this post and previous and subsequent "monthly" lists in my sidebar. January's list is here,  February's is here, March's is here,  April's is here, May's is here, June's is here, July's is here, August's is here, September's is here and October's is here.

I have tried to identify all the British authors which I hope will be useful to those doing Kirsty's British Books Challenge at The Overflowing Library (please let me know of any errors or omissions).

This is still a work-in-progress so I'll continue to update it during the month. 
R J Anderson - Quicksilver (1st, Orchard, pb) (moved to May 13)
Eishes Chayil - Hush (8th, Walker, pb)
Chris Colfer - Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal (20th, ATOM, pb)
Allie Condie - Reached (30th, Puffin, pb)
Michelle Hodkin - The Evolution of Mara Dyer (1st, Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, pb)
Nancy Holder & Debbie Vigue - Crusade: The Vanquished (8th, Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, pb)
Jonathan L Howard - Katya's World (6th, Strange Chemistry, pb) British Author
Julie Kagawa - The Lost Prince (2nd, Mira Ink, pb)
Katherine Marsh - Jepp, Who Defied the Stars (1st, Hot Key Books, pb)
Robert Muchamore - One Shot Kill 92nd, Hodder, pb) British Author
Alyson Noel - The Soul Seekers: Echo (22nd, Macmillan Children's Books, pb)
Gabriella Poole - Lost Spirits (1st, Hodder, pb) British Author
Sarah Prineas - Winterling (8th, Quercus, pb)
Sara Shepard - Pretty Little Secrets (1st, ATOM, pb) (7th, Puffin, pb)
Sara Shepard - Stunning (1st, ATOM, pb)
L J Smith - Destiny Rising (1st, Hodder, pb)
Laini Taylor - Days of Blood and Starlight (8th, Hodder, HB)


  1. Thanks for including QUICKSILVER on your list! Alas, though, it won't actually be out until 2 May 2013. (It was supposed to be November originally, but they had to change it.)

  2. Many thanks for letting me know. I've updated the list!

  3. This is such a fab post Karen, what a great way for people to find out about new releases! Thanks so much for highlighting the books by British authors too, I have included the link to all of these posts to the BBC2013 FAQ as another place to look for British titles :o)