Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TimeRiders are a go

Puffin are to publish 9 TimeRiders books by Alex Scarrow - I read this in the latest Bookseller but here it is from the author's mouth (blog):

Hooray! Today, Puffin publicly announced they are going to sign a deal for the remaining books I’ve planned in the the nine-book series! Which is fantastic news as it allows me and them, to ensure the series story arc pans out perfectly! As opposed to not knowing if the series was going to be 5,6,7…etc books long! (Which is the kind of headache TV writers suffer from, when there’s no certainty whether the next season is going to be picked up or not)

Read the whole blog post here.

I reviewed the first in the series here and the second in the series TimeRiders: Day of the Predator is due out on 5 August.

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