Sunday, June 21, 2009

Review: Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

Uninvited by Amanda Marrone (November 2007, Simon & Schuster Children's, ISBN: 1847381820)

First Line: "I close my eyes, hoping he won't come tonight."

Review: Jordan suffers from a social anxiety disorder and relies on her small group of friends to accompany her around school. Outside of school she has the help of alcohol and drugs. Of late though she's not been out at night. She can't, as "he" will get her. The "he" is Michael, an ex-boyfriend who is supposedly dead and buried but is now haunting her bedroom window every night asking "to be let in". Jordan's watched too many tv shows not to know what creatures have to be invited in but as her life becomes more miserable, her resistance begins to crumble.

I really clicked with Uninvited and couldn't put it down. The tension became unbearable; how was Jordan going to resolve the Michael issue? To resolve that issue Jordan has to address her own life, her own needs and make some decisions and in the end she has help from an unexpected source.

There is an "advisory adult content" sticker on the back cover and the book has references to being 'wasted', 'flyby' sexual encounters and some mild drug usage however they are not described in any great detail.

Cover: I wasn't too taken with the cover. The colour is a bit drab and I may not have picked it up if it hadn't been recommended. There's a nice touch on the title - the V has a red point.

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  1. Great review! I loved the way this book focused on Jordan's issues.

    I love your site, by the way! I've linked to it now on Chicklish and will be checking in regularly. (Thanks for your link, too!)

  2. Thank you for the link and kind words :). I really enjoyed Uninvited. I'm so used to reading series (in crime fiction) I get disappointed when there're no follow-ups! Not that it needed one but I would have enjoyed revisiting.

  3. how many pages is it

  4. Hi Anonymous. It's quite short, my notes say 204 pages.

  5. I don't know if it would be the book for me, i'v read my love lies bleeding e.g. what you think??