Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teenage Previews: July

Taken from the Bookseller magazine print edition, three books that will be published in July and that I'm looking forward to:

Michelle Lovric - The Undrowned Child
Orion Childrens
Synopsis - It's the beginning of the 20th century; the age of scientific progress. But for Venice the future looks bleak. A conference of scientists assembles to address the problems, among whose delegates are the parents of eleven-year-old Teodora. Within days of her arrival, she is subsumed into the secret life of Venice: a world in which salty-tongued mermaids run subversive printing presses, ghosts good and bad patrol the streets and librarians turn fluidly into cats. A battle against forces determined to destroy the city once and for all quickly ensues. Only Teo, the undrowned child who survived a tragic accident as a baby, can go 'between-the-linings' to subvert evil and restore order.

Sophie McKenzie - The Set Up
Book 1 of the Medusa Project
Simon & Schuster
Synopsis - Fourteen years ago, scientist William Fox implanted four babies with the Medusa gene - a gene for psychic abilities. But Fox died and the babies were hidden away for years. Now the children are teenagers - and unaware that their psychic powers are about to kick in. Cocky, charismatic Nico thinks his emerging telekinetic abilities will bring him money, power and the girl of his dreams. He's about to find out just how wrong he is...

Marcus Sedgwick - Revolver
Orion Childrens
Synopsis - 1910. A cabin north of the Arctic Circle. Fifteen-year-old Sig Andersson is alone. Alone, except for the corpse of his father, who died earlier that day after falling through a weak spot on the ice-covered lake. His sister, Anna, and step-mother, Nadya, have gone to the local town for help. Then comes a knock at the door. It's a man, the flash of a revolver's butt at his hip, and a mean glare in his eyes. Sig has never seen him before but Wolff claims to have unfinished business with his father. As Sig gradually learns the awful truth about Wolff's connection to his father, Sig finds his thoughts drawn to a certain box hidden on a shelf in the storeroom, in which lies his father's prized possession - a revolver. When Anna returns alone, and Wolff begins to close in, Sigs choice is pulled into sharp focus. Should he use the gun, or not?


  1. Oh boy - more temptations :)

    I like the sound of the Sophie McKenzie one

  2. Just read Revolver. Very good. Not at all what you'd expect.

  3. Jenny has really enjoyed the previous Sophie McKenzies. I've not been able to interest her in Marcus Sedgwick (The Awakening is the title I bought) - though this one sounds good. The Michelle Lovric sounds good too, but it's hard to interest someone of 13 in reading about someone younger as they assume the book is aimed at readers of the age of the main character. I'll try showing her on Amazon (I bookmarked it last night after your email) to see what she thinks.

  4. I've not read any of the above authors before so I appreciate the information bookwitch & Maxine. Sorry Sally, I hope I can provide more temptations in due course :).

    This 'genre' is a bit of a learning curve for me - but useful to my job as well as the pleasure it'll bring.