Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Merlin debuts on NBC

The fantasy drama Merlin, already shown in the UK, debuts in the US on NBC this Sunday (21st). Programme summary taken from the NBC Merlin website:

"Merlin" is a new drama series that updates the story of the infamous sorcerer of Arthurian legend for a new audience. The mythical city of Camelot, in a time before history began; a fantastical realm of legendary beasts and mysterious people; a dangerous world in which magic has been banned by the ruthless tyrant, Uther Pendragon.

When Merlin, a young man gifted with extraordinary magical powers, arrives in the kingdom, he quickly makes enemies including the heir to Uther's crown, the headstrong Prince Arthur. But guided by Uther's wise physician Gaius, Merlin is soon using his talents not just to survive but also to unlock Camelot's mystical secrets. As he does so he discovers that his destiny and that of the kingdom's young leader in waiting, Arthur, are inextricably linked.

There are a couple of dull episodes and some dodgy CGI but overall it's a very pleasant way to spend an hour. There are a lot of funny lines and good acting from the cast, which includes Anthony Stewart Head and Richard Wilson. I'm looking forward to the second series...

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