Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday - Dani Noir

I'm looking forward to this one: Dani Noir by Nova Ren Suma, to be published in September (US). (Spotted on Sharon Loves Books and Cats). What a gorgeous cover...

Life is nothing like a noir movie. Or so you think.

Fade-in on thirteen-year-old Dani Callanzano. It’s the summer before eighth grade, and Dani’s stuck in her nowhere mountain town with only her favorite noir mysteries at the Little Art Movie Theatre to keep her company. But when a big secret invades the scene in real life, Dani decides to bring the truth to light. Armed with a vivid imagination, a flair for the dramatic, and her knowledge of all things Rita Hayworth, Dani sets out to solve the mystery, and learns more about herself than she ever thought she could. All she knows is someone’s been lying and thinks they can get away with it. And it all has something to do with a girl in polka-dot tights…


  1. awesome book. It is actual more of a middle grade story. I'm gonna fish it today. Think I will review it too even if it is kinda early.

  2. Look forward to reading your review :).