Sunday, August 7, 2011

Library Loot (2.9), review copies, prizes & bought


Ultraviolet by R J Anderson

Theodore Boone: The Abduction by John Grisham

Jessie Hearts New York City by Keris Stainton


The History Keepers: The Storm Begins by Damian Dibben (1 Sep, Doubleday Childrens)
Imagine if you lost your parents – not just in place, but in time.

Jake Djones’ mum and dad have gone missing and they could be anywhere in the world – at any time in history. Because the Djones family have an astonishing secret, which for years they’ve managed to keep - even from each other. They belong to the HISTORY KEEPERS: a secret society which travels through the centuries to prevent evil enemies from meddling with History itself.

In the quest to find his parents, Jake is whisked from 21st Century London to 19th century France, the headquarters of the mysterious History Keepers, where he discovers the truth about his family's disappearance - and the diabolical Prince Zeldt's plan to destroy the world as we know it . . .

Deception by Lee Nichols (5 Sep, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC)
When Emma Vaile's parents leave on a mysterious business trip, it gives her the perfect excuse to be a rebellious teen. But then her best friend stops talking to her, the police crash her party and Emma finds herself in the hands of a new guardian, Bennett Stern, and on a plane to his museum-like mansion in New England. After enrolling at Thatcher Academy, Emma settles in by making friends with the popular crowd. She has memories of Thatcher she can't explain and strange visions are haunting her. Emma doesn't trust anyone any more - except maybe Bennett. But he's about to reveal a ghostly secret to her. One that will explain the visions ...and make Emma fear for her life.


Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs (shiny replacement for my arc), reviewed here.

Alyson Noel Goody Bag including a copy of Evermore.


The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost by Helen Moss, sequel to The Mystery of the Whistling Caves. I already have 3 & 4 from Orion to review.


  1. I really liked Forgive My Fins, thought it was fresh and funny...enjoy :D

  2. forgive my fins looks really good. happy reading :)


  3. Hi, new follower! Nice Haul! There are a few there on my wishlist! If you can, please check out my IMM at: Pawing Through Books

  4. I need to read Deception soon! So cool it has a new cover! =) Enjoy reading!

    My IMM

  5. Great IMM! Alot of great book.

    New Follower :)

  6. The History keepers is an amazing book! Its going to be a real hit!