Monday, June 15, 2009

Publishing Deal - Lauren Kate

From today's Bookseller:

Random House Children's Books has bought the first four titles in a new teen series, 'Fallen' by Lauren Kate. The books were acquired for a "major six-figure sum" in a deal made together with sister company Random House Inc in New York, with Michael Stearns at Tinderbox Books agenting the deal with Annie Eaton and Kelly Hurst at RCHB.

The series, said to feature "angels and menacing demons" and appeal to fans to Stephenie Meyer, features 16-year-old Lucinda who falls in love with a gorgeous boy at her reform school, only to discover he is a fallen angel, destined neither to ascend to heaven or descend to hell.

RCHB publisher Annie Eaton said it was "a delicious mix of temptation, impossible love and the supernatural," promising that no teenage girl will be able to resist the tormented hero.

RCHB said it was planning an "aggressive" marketing and publicity campaign in the UK to launch the series in December this year.

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