Monday, June 20, 2011

Teenage Crime Fiction Recommendations

Following on from yesterday's younger crime fiction recommendations, here are some teenage crime novels that I've read and enjoyed over the last two years:

Beverley Birch's Rift. A fabulous mystery set in Africa with, unusually, a significant role for the police in the shape of Inspector Murothi.

CT Furlong's ARCTIC 6 series. So far I've read the first one, Killer Strangelets which is a thriller which takes a group of children of mixed ages all the way to CERN.

Julia Golding's Darcie Lock series. So far I've read the first one, Ringmaster in which Darcie Lock, finds out what her parents do for a living and she is recruited to MI6 to bring down an international bad-guy. The third book should be out next year.

Helen Grant's amazing debut, The Vanishing of Katarina Linden, a very atmospheric tale set in a small German town.

John Grisham's Theodore Boone series. I've read the first one, Theodore Boone which introduces the young lawyer, and look forward to the second one which is just out.

Gabrielle Lord's Conspiracy 365 series, a set of 12 books, one per month set in Australia, which has Cal Ormond running for his life and trying to decipher a cryptic inheritance. I've read 11 of these and will get round to the twelth soon. I believe it was written for more reluctant readers but is enjoyable for all abilities. Here's my review of January. If you can, do read them in order.

Sophie McKenzie's Girl, Missing and Blood Ties. Both of which have or will have sequels shortly. Sophie McKenzie is an incredibly popular author with library borrowers and these two titles are always in demand. Reviews of Girl Missing and Blood Ties.

I have many authors still to try, not least those running Crime Central: Anne Cassidy, Keren David, Linda Strachan and Gillian Philip.


  1. In addition to those from the Crime Central team (and they write some really good crime novels) try The Long Reach by Peter Cocks. Teen secret agent, Eddie Savage, takes on gangland boss in this amazing thriller.

  2. The story was well developed and the mystery progressed well, making you wonder what was going to and what did happen to his friend. Wondering if she was okay and if they would find her in time. Wished it had developed some side characters more, especially one boy because of how much this he was in the story, and had toned back on the lying. This book will interest more readers than just those who want to be lawyers with the exciting storyline it promises.