Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emily the Strange DS game

The Emily the Strange: Strangerous DS game will be released in the UK on 10 June (24 May US).

Meet Emily the Strange, a black-cat loving, thirteen-year-old girl who almost always wears the same Goth black dress, black tights and white Mary Janes... And who tells the world to "Get Lost," "Be Yourself" and "Do it Yourself"! She's always hanging around with her four black cats - Mystery, NeeChee, Sabbath and Miles (the "Bad Kitten Club")...

Now, for the first time ever, Emily gets involved in her own video game adventure story.

Emily wakes up after a nightmare in which her cats were catnapped by a mysterious unknown person. No doubt a strange dream even for ""the Strange"", but when she finds that her cats are really nowhere to be found, she sets out to disappear herself and find them.

In several chapters the player follows the trail of the lost kitties, finding and rescuing them in varied colourful landscapes and parallel universes - getting behind the looking glass where puzzles and riddles have to be solved. One by one, the cats are rescued and Emily can draw on their abilities to advance in her adventure. The cats have special senses, and the player can look through their eyes to see strange and find all the solutions to the puzzles.

Find the cats, find the one who catnapped them, and understand that in the world of Strange, it is all a matter of perspective.


It's rated 12+ and has the following features:

# Emily can switch between the world of strange and several parallel universes / dream worlds
# Adventure story mode in 6 chapters with over 65 puzzles to solve
# Emily has her 4 cats and 6 of her typical accessory tools (like the slingshot)
# Each cat has a specific ability/vision type that will help Emily advance. These abilities derive from each cat's personality
# Day and night cycles, and some puzzles can only be solved during the day/night
# Objects and animals have different characteristics in the dream worlds
# Animated cutscenes showing dreams
# 5 different minigames at the "atrocity fair" and with the OddISee

Special Nintendo DSi Features:
# Zonster creator (patchwork monster dolls): Create your very own zonsters and share them with friends
# Scan barcodes to unlock more zonster building parts
# Secret room with additional puzzles and collectables

Will you be buying it?

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