Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: Fly on the Wall by E Lockhart

Fly on the Wall by E Lockhart (May 2008, Corgi Childrens, ISBN: 0552556246)

First Lines:

Friday. I am eating alone in the lunchroom.

Review: Gretchen Lee attends the Manhattan School for Art and Music. She is a talented artist specialising in comic book style drawing. At the Ma-Ha school every one tries to fit in by being different rather than conforming but Gretchen considers herself too ordinary to fit in and really only has one friend and a crush on a class-mate whom she's too shy to speak to.

She doesn't understand boys and in a fit of honesty says that she'd love to be fly on the wall of the boys' locker room, not expecting that her wish would come true and that the experience will change her life.

Fly on the Wall is a short book but covers a lot of ground in terms of issues of self-image (male and female), sexuality (gay and straight), racism and the repercussions of divorce but it does it in a light way and a way that the reader can relate to, as well as enjoying the humour. I raced through this book, staying up late to finish it and will seek out more of the author's work.

Cover: Very appropriate cover for the middle third of the book!


  1. I loved this book and it's definitely my favourite book by E. Lockhart! I've read it a few times now - that's how much I loved it. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

  2. Great review! I loved this one, it's so funny. You should try The Boyfriend List, that one's good too. :)