Monday, February 22, 2010

Publishing Deal - Chris Bradford

More Young Samurai books by Chris Bradford are on the way. First mentioned in The Bookseller last week there's more information in today's Booktrade:

Puffin has acquired a further three titles in the sensational YOUNG SAMURAI series by Chris Bradford. Since first UK publication in August 2008, the YOUNG SAMURAI series has already totalled sales of over 70,000 and has been sold in 16 languages around the world, with film rights sold to Coolabi.

'Puffin is delighted to acquire a further three books in the YOUNG SAMURAI series. Chris's hard work and dedication has been outstanding and I very much look forward to working with him and continuing the success of the books. They're thrilling, action-packed adventures and already have thousands of devoted fans' – Shannon Park, Executive Editor.

Chris Bradford is looking forward to taking the YOUNG SAMURAI series further and continuing his adventure with Puffin:

'I'm thrilled about embarking on the next chapter of the YOUNG SAMURAI series. It's a breakneck action-adventure as Jack Fletcher flees across war-torn Japan. But readers will have to watch out for ninja! There's a devious twist in the plot that only an assassin could plan!'

2010 is already set to be the year of the YOUNG SAMURAI for Puffin, with the publishing of YOUNG SAMURAI: THE WAY OF FIRE, one of the specially produced £1 World Book Day titles. This will publish on World Book Day 4th March alongside the third book in the series, YOUNG SAMURAI: THE WAY OF THE DRAGON. In addition, on 6th May, VIRTUAL KOMBAT, a one-off story by YOUNG SAMURAI author Chris Bradford, will be one of our exclusive 70th Anniversary Pocket Money Puffins. Fantastic new stories by favourite Puffin authors published at a fantastic £3.99 pocket-money price. Finally, the fourth book in the series, YOUNG SAMURAI: THE RING OF EARTH, will follow on 5th August.

Read the whole press release here.

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  1. Go Chris! He is taking the world by storm. Young Samurai is realy popular in my library. the kids will be chuffed when tell them.