Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Publishing Deals - Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston, Lissa Price

From today's Publishers Lunch:

NYT and USA Today bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston's THE OTHER LAND CHRONICLES, set in 111 C.D., one hundred and eleven years after a Catastrophic Disaster has wiped out 99% of humanity and left the earth covered in ice, this new series introduces readers to a ragtag group of friends and the dawning of a new time; the world of reason, of mathematics and science, is ending, and a new civilization is being born from the ice: a world of magic and mayhem, sorcerers and spellcraft, starting with FROZEN, to Putnam Children's, for publication in 2013.

Screenwriter Lissa Price's STARTERS, the first in a futuristic thriller series featuring a society where youth is coveted at an impossible price, and one girl's ability to bring it all crumbling down, to Delacorte, in a two-book deal.

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  1. They both sound really interesting! Thanks for posting.