Monday, May 9, 2011

Publishing Deal - Chris Bradford

In today's Booktrade, a new series from Chris Bradford, to be published by Puffin:

Puffin is thrilled to announce that Shannon Park, executive editor at Puffin, has acquired World English rights in the first three titles in Chris Bradford's next series, Bodyguard, from Charlie Viney at The Viney Agency. The first title, Bodyguard: Hostage, will publish in March 2013.

The best bodyguards are the ones nobody notices, so who would suspect a teenager of being a bodyguard? Recruited by the United States Secret Service, fourteen-year-old Connor Reeves is assigned to protect the President's daughter from a terrorist plot to take her hostage...

'The bodyguard is today's samurai warrior, so this new series is a natural progression for me as a writer. The most nerve-racking aspect will be training as a professional bodyguard myself. I'm virtually throwing myself into the line of fire to research these books!' Chris Bradford, Author.

'Puffin is delighted to announce this new series coming from Chris Bradford, one of our most in-demand touring authors. Connor's adventures across the globe are just as action-packed, pulse-racing and exciting as Jack Fletcher's in Young Samurai, and the fact that Chris is going to be a fully-qualified bodyguard to accompany the series means his fans are in for a real treat when he tours. This won't disappoint on any level!' Shannon Park, Executive Editor.

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  1. How exciting! I have got my brother hooked on the Samurai books so I hope he will also love this new series Chris is writing.