Friday, April 23, 2010

Breaking Dawn in Paperback at Last

The Bookseller reports today that Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn will be released in paperback in the UK and the US on 3 August:

The title will be available from 3rd August priced £7.99, with the publication date coinciding with the American paperback release.

Samantha Smith, Atom editorial director, said: "With everything Stephenie Meyer we try to do everything at the same time, so one set of fans doesn't get the book before the other set of fans. She is one of those true brand authors. Her fans are her fans and they will buy her books no matter what time of the year they come out."

The paperback edition has been a long time coming, with the hardback first published in the UK on 4th August, 2008.

The jacket image on the paperback will remain the same as on the hardback. Smith explained: "We've kept the images consistent across all of our Stephenie Meyer hardbacks and paperbacks. The Twilight Saga images are so iconic—there's such a strong association with them from the fans and the retailers—that I can't imagine changing it."

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  1. well it's been long enough!

    I don't think publishers understand how this effects school/college libraries...we do not buy hardback books because they are so expensive to replace and get damaged/'lost' so quickly, plus no one wants to borrow them! This has meant that I have had students who are getting into reading for the first time through the Twilight series moaning because they cannot borrow the last in the set...which makes us look bad. It is so fustrating when you have teenage girls who would never read before loosing trust in your library and not coming back because a publisher failed to can't just bring out a series and then delay publication of a paperback copy purely for profit!