Friday, August 14, 2009

Merlin to be repeated on BBC3

A bit of an advance warning to set the recorder...the first series of Merlin will be repeated on BBC3 beginning 21 August with the first two episodes:

20:30–21:15 The Dragon's Call Merlin arrives in Camelot but finds magic outlawed, its practice punishable by death. (R)

21:15 –22:00 Valiant Knight Valiant competes at Camelot's annual sword tournament. Merlin believes he's a cheat (R)

Read more about Merlin and his friends (and foes) at the BBC website.


  1. i cant wait for season 2. pls release the second season okay

  2. Pls am anxious to watch season 3

  3. i love it.Cant wait