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Monday, January 11, 2010

Spells cast in the UK first

I couldn't resist doing a brief post on Aprilynne Pike's follow-up to Wings - Spells as it has such a pretty cover. Interestingly, Spells will be out in paperback in the UK on the 29th April but in hardback in the US on 4th May.

Synopsis from Waterstone's: A magical romance blossoms in the follow-up to WINGS, the bestselling novel described by Stephenie Meyer as "a remarkable debut". "I can't just storm in and proclaim my intentions. I can't 'steal' you away. I just have to wait, and hope that someday you'll ask," Tamani said. "And if I don't?" Laurel asked, her voice barely above a whisper. "Then I guess I'll be waiting forever." It's been almost a year since Laurel discovered that she is a faerie, placed with human parents as an infant to help protect the gateway to the faerie realm of Avalon. Although she's come to accept her true identity, Laurel refuses to turn her back on her human life-and especially her boyfriend, David-to return to the faerie world. But when she is summoned to Avalon to relearn her long-forgotten faerie magic, Laurel must depend on the charismatic faerie sentry Tamani. Her feelings for him are undeniable, and she is forced to make a choice-a choice that could break her heart. When a deadly enemy resurfaces and puts both Laurel's life and Avalon in danger, Laurel must draw on all her human strength as well as her faerie skills to save both of her worlds and all of those she holds dear.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miley Cyrus in Wings?

Screenhead reports that Miley Cyrus is possibly going to play Laurel, the lead character in Aprilynne Pike's Wings:

Cyrus will play Laurel, a 15-year-old who grows up sheltered and home-schooled in a small town. Adjusting to a big high school is difficult, and her suspicion that she’s not like the other kids becomes a reality when she sprouts a pair of wings and learns that she’s a fairy.

“Wings” hit the bookshelves in May of this year, the first book of a planned four-book series.

Read the rest of the article, here.