Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson

Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson (August 2011, Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, ISBN: 0857071955)

Review: Hunting Lila is the first in a two book series featuring Lila Loveday. Seventeen-year-old Lila has the ability to move things with her mind and a run in with two muggers leaves her shaken when she almost blinds one of them. Fleeing the home she shares with her Dad in London, she crosses the Atlantic to be with her older brother Jack and his best friend (and secret love of her life) Alex in California. The boys, who are four years older, are in the Marines working on a top-secret project.

Lila is struck by the security in Jack's house and is soon under constant watch herself by either Jack or Alex (not such a problem there...). Alex eventually reveals that they are working to capture the people who killed her mother five years ago when the family lived in Washington. Lila continues to dig for information and is then approached by a stranger asking for her help. Then all hell breaks loose and Alex and Lila go on the run to escape both the alleged bad guys and the good guys who may actually be bad guys as well.

Alex, Jack and Lila are reunited briefly but then they are trapped and trade-off is arranged and Lila gets to find out the truth about why her mother was killed and by whom. A further exchange of information puts everything she thought she knew in doubt.

Hunting Lila is a very enjoyable love-story/thriller (with shades of X-Men) with a gorgeous, strong bloke (with a gooey centre) and a tough yet vulnerable beautiful female lead who have known each other forever but are finding it hard to say how they feel about each other until it's almost too late. The story twists and turns so you're not sure who are the bad guys and who are the good and ends with such an unexpected reveal that you'll want to grab Losing Lila ASAP!

[Losing Lila also contains a short story from Alex's point of view, The Moment. Also available is the short story Catching Suki, set before Hunting Lila but which should preferably be read after Hunting Lila, which can be downloaded via Sarah Alderson's website.]

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