Monday, August 2, 2010

Publishing Deals - Josephine Angelini & Gina Blaxill

From the press release at Booktrade, these two have been bought by Macmillan Children's Books:

STARCROSSED, by US debut author Josephine Angelini, is a steamy, pulse-racing mix of Greek mythology and high-school romance. Editor Rachel Petty says, 'Who wants a pasty vampire or a hairy werewolf when you can have a bronzed demi-god? I was starry-eyed over this unique romance from page one.' STARCROSSED, the first in a trilogy, publishes in June 2011.

Twenty-four-year-old Gina Blaxill's PRETTY TWISTED is a dark, edgy and impeccably plotted teen thriller. Editor Emma Young says, 'Gina's debut crime novel is so edge-of-your-seat compelling (and disturbing) that we had to snap it up right away. It's rare to see such an accomplished, twists-and-turns-packed manuscript from someone so new to writing.' PRETTY TWISTED will publish in May 2011.

The US deal for Josephine Angelini, announced in March, was quite significant.

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