Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More blogs to visit?

I'm not sure how, but this blog has found itself on onlinedegrees.net's list of 50 best blogs for Teen Readers* under the 'Book Lists and Recommendations' category. (Some of what I consider the most well known blogs in YA aren't mentioned on the list.)

I am of course chuffed to be on the list but mostly I'm mentioning it for people to (possibly) discover new-to-them blogs - there's plenty for me to check out.

*link removed as broken (23.1.13)


  1. I agree, I am there too but it's weird, I dont see tons of names that should be there, though it's awesome to visit new blogs!

  2. Well I think it is very well deserved. I often find great titles here to try on my "teen" but i have to be careful as anything actively suggested by a parent is by definition "uncool" ;-)
    Congratulations, Karen!

  3. I don't see myself there, grrrr..lol joke! But I don't see a lot of other awesome blogs up..congrats though Karen! :)